Strategic Social Media Plan


ISL Technologies Ltd Will Create A Social Media Strategic Plan for Your Organisation. 2 SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS

Are you an entrepreneur and business owner already on social media and feeling you are not taking full advantage of it, and that something is missing?

Or maybe you are a business owner starting from scratch and wanting to do it properly the first time?


I’ll create a strategic action plan that is tailored to your specific niche and business goals.

I have over 10 years of experience in social media marketing and work with clients around the world in many different sectors.

I can easily understand my client’s businesses and their goals and create a strategy that will tell you exactly what to do and how.

So, no more “trying things” and buying hundreds of courses. You’ll have in this strategic plan what otherwise could take you weeks, months or even years to learn.

The strategic plan will be sent in .PDF, is easy to understand and contains detailed instructions on how to immediately implement it, so you start to see results fast.

The process is:

Ready to rev up the level of your social media presence?

We are Social Media Marketing Experts For Entrepreneurs & Business Owners and  we help them grow their businesses through social media.
ISL has  over 10 years of experience in social media marketing and digital marketing and are totally passionate in helping business owners to grow their online exposure.


Can I have a strategic plan for more than 3 social media networks?
Yes of course. Send me a message and I can send you a special offer.

Will my strategic plan contain all I need to know about a social media network?
Yes, the strategic plan contains everything, from: – Type of content you need to deliver and when – How to reach the right audience and get targeted followers – How to use paid ads – How to create interaction and engagement – How to drive traffic to your website – And much more –



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