Set up Your MailChimp Campaign For Lead Generation.


We are here to set up your MailChimp Campaign for LEAD GENERATION and EMAIL MARKETING. 

We will install Mailchimp on your Website and set up a Subscription form. When users subscribe you will find their Email Addresses on your Mailchimp Database + Mailchimp Business Landing Page.


At ISL Technologies Ltd we have practical experience in seting up and managing MailChimp. We have done several MailChimp configurations for Lead Generation and Email Marketing for many customers in Nigeria and Ghana, 

Email Marketing using Mailchimp will surely grow your business and we are here to set it all up for you.

We are offering to install Mailchimp on your website and set up  a Subscription form. When users subscribe you will find their email addresses on your Mailchimp list Also we will Create Mailchimp Business Landing Page to presell your goods and services. Awesome

The services we provide are as below

Create MailChimp account
List importation
Campaign creation
Automation set up
Create subscribe forms or popup forms
Template design
Newsletter design
Abandoned cart design
E-commerce automation
100% work satisfaction Guaranteed.

There is a monthly charge to manage your Lead Generation and Email Marketing,


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