Setup and Optimize Facebook Ads – Targeted Audience


ISL Technologies Ltd will Setup and Optimize your Facebook Ads with a properly Targeted Audience 

Setup Ad Account + 2 Complete Campaigns + 1 Targeted Audience


Setup Ad Account + 2 Complete Campaign + 1 Targeted Audience

My Expertise Is in:

Create/setup New ad campaign (Facebook + Instagram)
2019 Latest Facebook CBO Strategies & More 

Optimize Old Campaign
Installation of Facebook Pixel
Precise Re-Targeting & Lookalike Audience

Campaigns Which I Can Setup & Run:

Conversion/Traffic (E-commerce)
Lead Generation (Best for Email Capture)
Location-Based (Store Visits)
Brand Awareness & Engagement
App Installation & More

Note: I will need access to your Business Account as Advertiser but hat all sensitive/Personal Information (That Is Necessary) For The Service Will Be Discussed In Order Page Messages. 

Note: Management Is Included at Additional Cost. Please Message Me for More Info.


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