Create, Run And Manage Facebook And Instagram Ads


What We will do:
Find best-possible targeting and build a campaign on Facebook and Instagram to drive ideal traffic.

  • Provide two (or more) ad variations for review.

  • Manage/optimize weekly.


This offer includes: 30-minute phone consultation to discuss your business needs and Your Facebook or Instagram Marketing Goals, Target Audience and previous campaign performance.

Why should we work together?
We have managed over $500k collectively in Social Media Budgets in the last 5 years and have consistently generated a 5:1 return on ad spend for my companies and clients.
I have over 15 years of professional experience creating marketing campaigns for global brands, as well as small businesses and startups.

We have developed award-winning digital marketing campaigns in travel, hospitality, beauty, travel, non-profit and other industries.
I’m reliable, responsive, experienced – and easy to work with!

Please feel free to contact me. It would be my pleasure to partner with you!

I am seasoned marketing professional and a digital marketing instructor.

My proven track record of innovation in brand strategy and digital marketing in lifestyle, hospitality, wellness, beauty and non-profit sectors and my expertise in providing thought leadership to business owners allow me to work with clients to create memorable and engaging marketing experiences that inspire action and grows businesses.


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